Luke Clayton

'Outdoors' Host

Outdoors writer/radio host/book author Luke Clayton has been addicted to everything outdoors related since his childhood when he grew up hunting and fishing in rural northeast Texas. Luke pens a weekly newspaper column that appears in 34 Texas newspapers and is Editor at Large for Extreme Hog Hunter Magazine, Bowhunting Adventures and East Texas Outdoors Magazine and field editor for Dallas Safari Club "Camp Talk" publication.  Luke is on the pro staff of Mathews Bows, Smokin' Tex Electric Smokers, and GhostBlind. Follow his columns and listen to his weekly radio show throughout the year and you'll surely get exposed to many facets of the outdoor life. 

Wild Hog Lure
Luke Clayton

Luke's guest this week is Mr. Brett Andrews and the topic is controlling wild hogs. Brett's company, "Texas Raised Hunting Products" ( has developed a pheromone based wild hog lure along with a unique delivery system that incorporates a wick and canister.

Glenn Guess (the Hog Zombie) and his wife Michelle
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with Glenn Guess and talks about calling wild hogs within rifle or bow range. Glenn has done a great deal of study on hogs and developed an app with sounds that duplicate many of the sounds they make. You can watch Glenn's videos on Youtube, just search HOG ZOMBIES. 

Paddlefish in Oklahoma
Luke Clayton

Luke's guest this week is guide Lance Lutke ( and the subject is fishing for paddlefish. Oklahoma fishing regulations allow the harvest of paddlefish and Lance discusses the best methods he uses to regularly catch these good eating fish.

Luke speaks with Paul Balkenbush of the Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge

This week Luke visits with Paul Balkenbush, Deputy Manager of Hagerman Wildlife Refuge ( ) up close to Lake Texoma. Tune in and learn all the opportunities available at this awesome outdoor wonderland. 

Turkey hunting tips with Brett Jepsen this week
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke "talks turkey" with Brett Jepsen with Three Curl Outfitters ( Brett and Luke give some turkey hunting tips and Brett divulges some great turkey hunting opportunities his company offers. 

This week, a fishing update on Lake Texoma
Striper Express

This week, Luke gets a current striper fishing update from Lake Texoma from his friend Bill Carey with Striper Express Guide Service -

Luke speaks with Don Wilhelm of the US Fish & Wildlife Service this week
Don Wilhelm

Luke's guest this week is Mr. Don Wilhelm, regional coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Tune in and allow yourself to become more familiar with the service and learn how Don and his team can help you improve the wildlife habitat on your land or hunting lease.

Luke's guest this week is Larry Weishuhn, Mr. Whitetail.

This week, Luke visits with his long tine friend Larry Weishuhn, "Mr. Whitetail" around the campfire. The conversation is totally unscripted, much like around a 'real' campfire. Tune in and see what Mr. Whitetail has been up to and learn about some of his upcoming adventures.  

Luke speaks with Josh Houser of Preferred Wildlife Properties

Josh Howser with Preferred Wildlife Properties (  is back with us this week discussing how to create the ideal waterfowl habitat on your property.

Luke speaks with Josh Houser of Preferred Wildlife Properties

This week, Luke visits with Josh Houser with Preferred Wildlife Properties (  and discusses ways to enhance your recreational outdoor property and create better hunting and fishing. 

David Hanson (left) and Luke Clayton(right) showing off a catch.
Luke Clayton

This week Luke visits with Catfish pro David Hanson and discusses catching blue catfish catfish at Lake Tawakoni. The big fish bite has been off since the huge influx of fresh water from the rains a couple weeks ago. David gives his predictions as to when the action will resume. Luke also wraps up the show taking about shooting the venerable old 30-30 lever action Marlin. 

Luke discusses hunting predators this week
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with Gary Robertson, owner of Burnham Brothers Game Calls and host of the CARNIVORE Outdoor TV show on the Pursuit Channel. Gary gives some tips on calling predators during the dead of winter, possibly the best time to hunt them. 

Stubby Stubblefield
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with Stubby Stubblefield, Lake Fork catfish guide and maker of Stubby's Catfish Bait. Wintertime produces some of the biggest channel catfish of the year at Lake fork.In today's show, Stubby will give you some tips that will hopefully result in a big wintertime catfish fry! 

Luke with doe he took .45 caliber Airforce AIrguns "Texan". This is Luke's first game animal to harvest with an airgun in Texas.
Luke Clayton

This week Luke re-caps a big bore airgun  hunt earlier this week at Ranger Creek Ranch ( up in Knox County with his friend Kenneth Shepard. Luke has hunted at Ranger Creek for well over 20 years and loves the rugged Cedar Break Country and the plentiful game.

Luke and David enjoying a little range time shooting the Texan Big Bore airgun  in .45 caliber.
Luke Clayton

In today's show, Luke visits with his friend David Williams from New Mexcio. David and his wife Regina own Hunters Supply ( and make millions of bullets each year. Today's topic is the venerable old 30-30.

Jeff Rice with a hog he killed with the Dragon Claw air rifle by Pyramyd Air shooting an arrow.
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visit visits with his friend Jeff Rice, owner of the Buck and Bass Ranch  near Lake Fork. Jeff loves hunting but he also enjoys the challenge of filming his hunts. In today's show, Jeff and Luke discuss filming and editing outdoor videos. If you are interested in creating your own outdoor films, today's show is just for you.

David Williams showing off a 1,200 yard group he shot with his Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Hunter in 300 Win. Magnum caliber.
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with David Williams, owner of Hunters Supply ( David is a life long gunsmith and gives some tips on making a factory rifle shoot better groups. 

Luke Discusses Chronic Wasting Disease in Texas deer this week with Texas Parks and Wildlife's John Silovsky
Garett Gabriel - /

Luke's guest this week is John Silovsky, Wildlife Division Leader for Texas Parks and WIldlife Dept.  Silovsky discusses Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in the deer herd in Texas and ways the hunter can have harvested animals tested.

Guide Bradley Doyle
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with Bradley Doyle ( 936-524-6768) who guides for catfish on Lake Conroe. Bradley recently fished the Possum KIngdom Catmasters Tournament which paid out $60,000 dollars to the winners. This is one of the largest if not the largest catfish tournaments in the country and draws anglers from many states. 

This weeks Luke visits with Nathan Mrnak with Base Camp Leasing ( and discusses a great program for connecting hunters looking for a hunting lease with landowners. 

James Lynch (pictured) joins Luke this week to discuss hog trapping
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke Visits with James Lynch, a veteran wild hog trapper that implements the latest trapping methods. Tune in and learn about the very best methods of keeping wild hog numbers under control. 

Luke discusses the possibility of expanding crossbow hunting
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with John Silovsky,  TPWD District Wildlife Division Leader and discusses the possibility of allowing crossbows in several places where they are currently not allowed. Silovsky gives some insights into why the whitetail bucks in the counties around Grayson County are noted for such heavy antlers.

Lake Tawakoni catfish guide David Hanson
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke gives a very 'close to home' blue catfish update for Lake Tawakoni guide David Hanson. Tune in to learn the best techniques for catching lots of good size "eater" fish for the next fish fry. Luke and David even time to give a local deer hunting report.

Guide Mike Houston
Luke Clayton

Luke's guest this week is guide Mike Houston who targets blue catfish on Lakes Whitney and Aquilla. Many fishermen are well aware of the awesome catfishing at Whitney but for many, Lake Aquilla is a 'sleeper' lake. Tune in today's show and learn why this catfish pro considers Aquilla his favorite big fish hotspot. To connect with Guide Mike Houston on Facebook, "like" HOUSTON GUIDE SERVICE or call 817-487-7121.

Camp Cookin'

Sep 21, 2018
Luke talks outdoor cooking this week
Luke Clayton

In another life, Luke was a food writer for a major Texas newspaper. Part of his job was to visit restaurants that served game and fish. Certainly no chef, Luke does consider himself a pretty fair camp cook. This week, he shares a method of stir fry in which he uses game meat such as venison wild pork or quail or pheasant. Luke describes his method of preparing his stir fry at home or mid day BEFORE the afternoon hunt. I't not complicated but very tasty. Click and listen!

Luke's guest this week is Larry Weishuhn, Mr. Whitetail.

Luke visits with his friend Larry Weishuhn this week and discusses everything from determining the accurate weight of wild hogs in the field where scales are not available to the upcoming opener of whitetail deer season. To learn more about Luke, check out his website

Texas Dove Hunters Association logo
Texas Dove Hunters Association

This week, Luke visits with Bob Thornton with the Texas Dove Hunters Association ( and discusses everything dove. This awesome origination has done a great deal to further the conservation of dove and dove hunting. If you are a dove hunter, don't miss this one.  

Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with Lake Tawakoni striper guide Trent Miller with Stripaholic Guide Service (903-530-1710). Tune in and learn some of the veteran guides fish catching tricks. 

Luke Clayton, Texas Trophy Catfish Association

Join Luke this week as he visits with Bradley Doyle and discusses an awesome association devoted to tracking and preserving trophy class catfish. TEXAS TROPHY CATFISH ASSOCIATION supplies training and tags to members so that trophy class catfish may be tagged and tracked in upcoming years. This association gives  the average angler an opportunity to be part of a program devoted to insuring our children and grandchildren can experience the thrill of catching a giant catfish.

Luke with a Walleye
Luke Clayton

In today's show, Luke visits one-on-one with us and discusses all sorts of outdoor subjects with everything from upcoming outdoor events to some tips on dove hunts and the upcoming archery whitetail season. There is also a bit of fishing talk mixed in for good measure. For more outdoor news from Luke, visit his website at