Buried Episode 01: Introductions

Oct 10, 2017

The family of a young Texas woman who went missing in 1991 makes a shocking discovery: For 19 years, law enforcement didn't investigate. 

Carey Mae Parker's older brother Glenn recalls last seeing his sister at a convenience store in Quinlan, TX. He says she was crying, after an incident with her ex-boyfriend Cody. Glenn and others say Carey's father Howard sought help from the local constable, Cullen Smith, to file a missing person report. 

Carey's 1991 driver's license.
Credit Courtesy of Brandy Hathcock

Carey's son Brian was about to turn six in March 1991. He remembers seeing his mom walk out the door with a laundry basket, promising to return for his birthday. Brian says that in the years to follow, his grandfather Howard would claim that people warned him to stop searching for Carey.  

Patricia, Carey's younger sister, recounts the argument that led to her departure from their parents' home for the last time. She recalls traveling to Terrell, TX, where Carey worked, to file a missing person report after months with no answers. And the discovery, in 2010, that no one investigated.