Buried Episode 10: A Hunt For Skulls

Nov 1, 2018

Carey Mae Parker's brother and sister explore properties connected to some of the rumors about their sister's disappearance and the events that followed. 

In July 2017, Carey's brother Glenn and sister Patricia met up in the Waco Bay area of Lake Tawakoni, where their family moved in 1983 from Terrell, TX. They went over claims from several seemingly unrelated sources, all claiming to have knowledge about places where a person or people are buried. 

Carey Mae Parker with her siblings and mother.
Credit Courtesy of Mary Shelby

The most recent was by Mike Garris, the son of their father Howard's late neighbor. Mike claimed to have seen a poorly buried body "13 years ago" while riding an ATV near his home. Carey's sister Patricia later passed this information along to the mother of a teenage girl who's been missing for not much longer than 13 years. 

Patricia also pondered if the supposed corpse was related to an altercation her father claimed to have been involved in shortly after Carey disappeared. According to several relatives of Carey, Howard claimed to have killed at least one person who threatened Carey's children after she vanished. Howard said he buried the person (or persons) on the property of his neighbor, Carl Garris, who was digging a well at the time. 

Yet another site, connected to Carey's boyfriend, is on Main Street just outside of Quinlan, TX. Cody's parents ran a septic company on the property. His ex-girlfriend Stacey told Glenn that Carey was buried on this lot, or nearby. Stacey later drew a map and mailed it to Patricia. She and Glenn agree that it's most likely Carey is buried on or near this plot of land. But they can't agree on the spot. They want Hunt County to search the area and find out once and for all. 

Meanwhile, Patricia manages to make contact with a terminally ill man named Ricky Moreland -- the only person Howard identified by name as one of the people involved in the Waco Bay altercation in the early 1990s. During the conversation, Moreland denies having any knowledge or involvement.