Buried Episode 12: The Cody Call

Dec 20, 2018

The ex-boyfriend of Carey Mae Parker on their tumultuous relationship, new insights into an infamous party and a theory that Carey is alive. 

Cody Songer has faced accusations from law enforcement in recent years and from some members of Carey's family for decades. 

Carey's son found this photo among Leonard's mother's belongings after she died.
Credit Courtesy of Brian Parker

Howard Parker told his family that Carey expressed fears about a large hole Cody was digging on his parents' property before she went missing.

Years later, a woman who was once engaged to Cody told Carey's brother Glenn about a spot on the Songers' old property where she thought Carey might be buried.

"You can dig all you want there," Cody says in the first interview about his ex-girlfriend's disappearance. 

"I don't think she's there," he says.  

Cody says he last saw Carey at a party in the early 1990s in an area now known as Hawk Cove. He says Carey threw a drink in his face after he expressed interest in sleeping with a woman known as Cactus.

After that, he says, the party's host Jim took Carey for a drive. Cody says they returned together, and Carey drove away in her own car.