City highlighted in downtown workshops

Apr 10, 2015

Celebration Plaza will be the highlight of the upcoming downtown workshops.

Downtown Sulphur Springs will be featured as part of the 23rd Congress For New Urbanism’s (CNU) National Conference. Sulphur Springs will provide an afternoon tour, discussion regarding code enforcement and downtown properties. The tour speaker will be Ian Lockwood, who is recognized in sustainable transportation and urban design as well as Sulphur Springs City Manager Marc Maxwell, who in his 20 years has overseen the $6.5 million revitalization of the central commercial district.

CNU and American Institute for Architects is offering continuing education credits for attending the workshop in Sulphur Springs.

Celebration Plaza will be the focus of downtown workshops.
Credit Cindy Roller / Cooper Review

The Texas Downtown Association will also be visiting Sulphur Springs later this month.

Sulphur Springs Community Development Director Shane Shepard hopes to host a future TDA State Conference, which brings downtown professionals from all around the state to Sulphur Springs.

He said Sulphur Springs was featured at the last 2014 TDA State Conference in Granbury. Shepard noted the city has hosted the more than 400 scheduled events like music festivals, concerts, movie nights and the market making it a prime example of how to revive the downtown community.