Texas Cotton, Hay Crops Have Two Different Weeks on the Trade Market

Jun 29, 2018

One Texas crop had an unremarkable week. Another had a pretty good one.

Spot cotton trading was sluggish in the US this week.  Demand was light in Northeast Texas and average local spot prices were lower. The crop traded between 78 and 85 cents a pound this week.

Hay trading, on the other hand was much more brisk in Texas this week. All classes of hay traded $5 to $10 higher.  Movement was moderate but supply remains low and demand high. 

The USDA says Most of the state remains extremely dry. That’s causing the supply of hay to drop while prices climb. Alfalfa traded between 290 and 305 dollars in Northeast Texas this week. Coastal Bermuda rounds between 70 and 180 a roll.