Deer Season

Jordan Pulmano

One of the ripple effects of this past summer’s drought around Texas has been a downswing in wild animals in some parts of the state. On Wednesday, the Texas Farm Bureau reported that game birds like quail and turkey are fewer in number thanks to dry months across what at peak drought was about 80 percent of Texas.

Happy Opener of Deer Season! In today's show, Luke visits with guide Seth Vanover about a red hot crappie bite underway at Lake Fork. There's also lots of deer hunting talk.
Seth Vanover, Luke Clayton

As Deer season begins in full this weekend, Luke speaks again with Lake Fork guide Seth Vanover to update last week's discussion about Crappie fishing (spoiler: the fishin' is good!).

Kansas has some giant whitetail, both bucks and does. This good eating grain fed doe tips the scales at 160 pounds.
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with hunting outfitter Larry Large, ( and talks about a recent bow hunt for Kansas whitetail. Larry gives some good information for hunters planning a trip to Kansas next year.

Deer, duck, and crappie all on the topic list today
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Luke visits with guide Seth Vanover and gets some current fish catching tips for lake Fork and discusses the opener of bow season which is today! Luke also gives some tips on fishing at Galveston and talks about a trip for redfish and trout he's planning next week.

Luke's guest this week is Larry Weishuhn, Mr. Whitetail. Join Larry and Luke "around the campfire" this week. These two old friends will make you feel as though you were right there with them.

Deer season opens this weekend. Tune in this week and listen to Mr. Whitetail, Larry Weishuhn talk with Luke about his career as a deer hunter. Chances are very good you will glean a tip or two that might help you put a buck on the meatpole this weekend.