TAPB 2015: Continuing Coverage- Jefferies (Tornado 12-26-15)

Jan 28, 2016

Credit TAPB

Continuing Coverage (3 entries per station):_ Ongoing coverage of a single story, more along the lines of hard news or breaking news. This is NOT a category for series involving human interest, lifestyle or entertainment.

On December 26th, multiple tornadoes ripped through North and Northeast Texas, popping up suddenly in some areas, and causing extensive damage as well as loss of life. -----Continuing an important service of severe weather coverage when the community needs it most, KETR's Kevin Jefferies was on the air covering the storms for the entire time, including 3.5 hrs of uninterrupted coverage. Short-staffed due to the holiday, the Emergency Alert System (EAS) was also used as an integral part of the night's continuing coverage as well as inviting listeners to call with their experiences or any information from their area.-----This clip includes 5 excerpts from the night as a representative sample of the continuing coverage. The EAS announcements have been edited for time and listening comfort, but included as the system was an integral part of the night's coverage.---For reference, clip lengths included in excerpt are as follows: - (1) 4:28 - (2) 1:42 - (3) 2:49 - (4) 1:55 - (5) 2:55