David Williams

Luke and David enjoying a little range time shooting the Texan Big Bore airgun  in .45 caliber.
Luke Clayton

In today's show, Luke visits with his friend David Williams from New Mexcio. David and his wife Regina own Hunters Supply ( and make millions of bullets each year. Today's topic is the venerable old 30-30.

David Williams showing off a 1,200 yard group he shot with his Ruger Hawkeye Long Range Hunter in 300 Win. Magnum caliber.
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with David Williams, owner of Hunters Supply ( David is a life long gunsmith and gives some tips on making a factory rifle shoot better groups. 

Luke Clayton

Luke visits with David Williams, veteran gunsmith and owner of Hunters Supply in New Mexico and talks shooting in general and big bore air rifles in particular. David is a native northeast Texan and an expert in just about anything related to shooting and hunting.