Upgrades To Emergency Radios Proceeds

Dec 14, 2017

After being denied 63 percent of the grant funding necessary to complete the emergency radio upgrades, Delta County Emergency Management Coordinator Monty Hobbs approached the three entities – County, ESD, and City – for the remaining funds. He went before the ESD and County receiving their approval pending the City’s agreement with each providing up to $1,500.

“These funds will help provide two new radios that will be digital capable in order for fire and the Emergency Management office to continue to communicate with the Delta County Sheriff’s office,” explained Delta County EMC Monty Hobbs.

Council members Willie “Bear” Wilkins and Allen Foster both expressed how important communication is especially with fires.

Cooper Mayor Darren Braddy stated this expense was not budgeted for and would have to come out of the $6,000 contingency fund.

“Our budget is in decent shape,” said Mayor Darren Braddy. “It really is the right thing to do.”

Mayor Pro-Tem David Phillips motioned, and Council member Donna Thomason seconded the Council’s agreement as it passed 5-0 (with all members present). Hobbs gave his appreciation to all the entities allowing him to move forward with the upgrades.