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New Storm Warning Siren Installed in East Delta

Lamar Electric employees David Roberts, Dustin Dale, Ronnie Bridges, Drew Conder and Jim Williams along with Delta County EMC Monty Hobbs stand next to newly installed storm warning siren.
Communications Director Katie Morris
Lamar Electric Cooperative

The morning of February 9 a storm warning siren was installed next to the East Delta Volunteer Fire Department. Delta County Emergency Management Coordinator Monty Hobbs is enthusiastic about this additional way to warn the East Delta area about severe weather.

“We are hoping on a quiet day the siren may be heard from 5 miles away.” said Hobbs, “In a severe weather storm the siren may be heard from a minimum of 1 mile away.”

Doug Richardson, a Delta county resident, was instrumental in the research that went into the placement of the siren and the siren itself. Jim Williams, another resident of Delta County, was also a key player in this project stating “this siren can sound 128 decibels per second at 5,280 feet within 5 seconds.”

“Jim [Williams] spearheaded the effort to mount and test the storm warning siren the County had purchased,” added Hobbs, on the 9 a.m. testing of the siren which was heard 11 miles away. “Of course during an actual weather event there will most likely be strong winds and probably rain which will decrease the effectiveness of the siren.  But it will be heard by many of the residents of East Delta, particularly those in and around the Charleston area.  The siren is a good addition to our county assets and was made possible by concerned citizens that identified a need and made it happen.”

These men partnered with Lamar Electric Cooperative, who donated and installed the pole for the siren.

“Lamar Electric is committed to the safety of our members,” stated Lamar Electric CEO, Jerry Williams, “we were happy to donate a pole to a worthy cause.” Lamar Electric linemen installed the pole next to the East Delta Volunteer Fire Department, near the East Delta Community Center.

This story contains information provided by Lamar Electric Cooperative.