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City of Sulphur Springs, Facebook

Emily Glass, our commentator on events in Sulphur Springs, discusses recent action by the City Council to grant relief on delinquent property taxes to allow new home construction to take place.  Several homes are being built thanks to the "380 agreements."  Also, the Hopkins County Commissioners Court has approved a tax abatement plant to allow a solar farm to be built in the northwest part of the county.  Em

Tesla, Facebook

Derek Price, the writer of the "Cargazing" column that appears in the Herald-Banner and is nationally syndicated, contemplates the recent story of the crash of a Tesla Model S electric car in the Houston suburb of Spring.  Two men died, and police said no one was in the driver's seat: One was in the front passenger seat and one was in the backseat.

Greenville Parks and Recreation, Facebook

Pud Kearns with Housewarmers of Greenville says the Reecy Davis Recreation Center at 4320 Lee Street is becoming a center of social activity.  The Reecy Davis Center is hosting a pool tournament starting at 10 a.m. Saturday (May 15), but the center hosts numerous activities each day of the week, including pickleball, line-dancing and gardening.

Texas Master Gardeners Association

Hunt County Master Gardener Wayne Bowman cautions gardeners about the rose rosette disease which has infected many roses in North Texas, in particular the popular Knock-Out Roses.  Also, Wayne reminds us that the Master Gardeners Tour of Gardens is from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday (May 15).

Cooper Lake State Park, Doctor's Creek Unit, Facebook

Steve Killian, superintendent of Cooper Lake State Park, says wildflowers in the park, especially in the Doctors Creek Unit, are on brilliant display.  Steve says the lake is full, and so fishing is great.

Hunt County Shared Ministries (FISH), Facebook

Pud Kearns with Housewarmers of Greenville says the annual Hunt County Shared Ministries (FISH) barbecue is Friday at Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Greenville and First Baptist Church in Commerce.  It will be a drive-through event this year.  Lunch will be served from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Texas A&M Agrilife

With spring and warm weather having arrived, Sarah Latham, Rains County Agrilife Extension Agent, discusses options for starting a new exercise program. A Centers for Disease Control (CDC) article suggests ideas for overcoming barriers to physical activity

Community Seeds, Facebook

Bert Cooper, director of Community Seeds of Lone Oak, says the faith-based charitable organization is inviting cottage-industry cooks to use its new incubator kitchen to prepare foods for sale.  Community Seeds will also operate the Sacred Grounds Coffee Shop in the front of the kitchen, located in downtown Lone Oak.  The organization is also seeking students for its Strategic Training & Empowerment Program (STEP) funded

Four Good Days, Wikipedia

Alice Reese, Herald-Banner movie critic, says "Four Good Days," starring Glenn Close and Mila Kunis is an enjoyable movie on an unhappy topic, drug addiction.  Alice also enjoyed "Limbo," a British comedy about a Syrian refugee trying to start life over in Scotland.

NE Texas Children's Museum, Facebook

Sharline Freeman, director of the Northeast Texas Children's Museum, says the museum located in Commerce is expanding by 3,700 square feet within its facility, a former industrial building on 1000 Maple Street (Highway 11 East).  The space will be occupied by a car-safety exhbit among other attractions.

Commerce Chamber of Commerce, Facebook

Paul Voss, Commerce Chamber of Commerce manager, discusses the Bois D'Arc Show returns to downtown Commerce from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday on the square in downtown Commerce.  Paul says he expects as many as 150 cars.  The car show was not held last year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Texas General Land Office

Carol Taylor, chairman of the Hunt County Historical Commission, says Celeste was created by the Santa Fe Railroad in the 1880s when the nearby town of Kingston refused to help pay for the consruction of the rail line.  Santa Fe then purchased nearby property and established a depot there.  The town that grew up there was named "Celeste" for the wife of a railroad official.  Many of the people and businesses moved to Celeste.

Bosque County Agrilife

Sarah Latham, Rains County Agrilife Extension Agent, says spring cleaning should include reducing clutter in and around your home, which tends to attract insects and rodents.  Sarah also suggests planting a pollinator garden


Commerce Mayor Wyman Williams says the City Council received a postive audit report at this week's meeting, and voted to create a new building-inspector position because of the increasing in construction activity in the city.

Northeast Texas Trail, Facebook

Hank Pickering of Wolfe City says the "Rail to Trail Opening Day" on the Northeast Texas Trail in Wolfe City will begin at 8 a.m. Saturday morning.  Events include a 5-K run on the the trail.  Another NETT trail is planned for Saturday in Farmersville, where plans are in place to provide a paved surface on an additional eight miles of the NETT.  

Sand Hills Country Club, Facebook

Paul Voss, Commerce Chamber of Commerce manager, says the Chamber is hosting a four-player scramble golf tournament Friday at Sand Hills Country Club.  Paul says he expects the Chamber will now have golf tournaments in the spring and the fall, on the Bois D'Arc Bash weekend.  Paul says the Chamber has a new web page and group Facebook page created by David Lay of

Perseid Meteor Shower - mkfeeney - CC BY 2.0 Creative Commons

Dr. Kent Montgomery, head of the Physics and Astonomy Department at Texas A&M-Commerce, says the Lyrid meteor showers Wednesday night and Thursday morning (April 21-22) will produce some excellent night-sky viewing, possibly "fireballs."   About 10-20 meteors per hour will be visible.


Pud Kearns with Housewarmers of Greenville says the Hunt County Fair will return Friday (April 23) and continue through Sunday, May 2.  The fair was canceled last year because of the coronavirus.  The fairgrounds on located on Jack Finney Boulevard (Farm Road 1570), near L-3-Harris.   Also, Pud says "Vinyl Radio," a tribute to the folk rock of the 1970s, will perform at the Greenville Municipal Auditorium Monday evening, April 26 as part of the

Texas A&M Agrilife

Hunt County Master Gardener Wayne Bowman recommends "companion gardening." He says some plants compliment each other and some do not "play well with others."  For example, okra doesn't need much water, but cabbage does.  Also, plants in common "families," such as potatoes and tomatoes, attract some of the same insect pests or plant diseases.  Also, the Master Gardeners tour of ga

City of Sulphur Springs, Facebook

Emily Glass, our Sulphur Springs correspndent and former mayor of the city, says the "Celebration City" is returning to normal from the coronavirus pandemic.  Emily says the city normally has 310 events in a year and now has 309 events scheduled in 2021.   Events Saturday include the Spring Market on Main Street and the Reilly Springs

Carol Taylor, Hunt County Historical Commission chairman, says the Hunt County Courthouse was dedicated on April 11, 1929, making it 92 years old.  The Hunt County Courthouse was the model for the Travis County Courthouse in Austin.  Carol says seven courthouses have actually existed on the site in downtown Greenville.

Texas Real Estate Center

Dr. Dale Funderburk, Northeast Texas economist, reflects on the cautiously optimistic assessment of the Texas economy by the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank.  The report shows a strong resurgence of manufacturing activity in Texas, but employment is a highly variable picture from city to city.  While oil prices are surging, the cause may be lower supply due to more restructive regulations, Dr. Funderburk says.

Sunscreen advert for Wigglesworth Golden Tan wellcome 10040558 CC By 4.0

Autumn Johnson, director of Campus Recreation at Texas A&M-Commerce, says we should start using 30 spf suncreen during the spring and not wait until summer.  Autumn says we spend more time in the sun starting in the spring, and overexposure to the sun is possible even when the temperatures are still mild.


Alice Reese, Herald-Banner movie critic, enjoyed "Concrete Cowboy," starring Idris Elba, a true story of a group of modern-day cowboys in Philadelphia.  It is streaming on Netfllix.  Alice also likes "French Exit," a combination of drama and screwball comedy, starring Michelle Pfeiffer.

Cooper Lake State Park, Facebook

Steve Killian, superintendent of the Cooper Lake State Park, says the parks is now offering kayaks for rental to be used in exploring the lake.  They're available at park headquarters.  Also, the park is once again open for full occupancy.  Also, the park has some part-time and summer jobs available, including a park ecucator's position.

Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum, Facebook

Pud Kearns with Housewarmers of Greenville says the "African-American Experience in Hunt County" exhibit continues through Saturday, April 24 at the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum in Greenville.  In addition to artifacts, it includes oral-history, video interviews with numerous citizens, inluding Melva Hill (pictured).  Some of the interviews are available on YouTube

CASA Hunt County

April is "Child Abuse  Prevention Month" and Friday (April 9) is "Go Blue Day," in which individuals are urged to wear blue to call awareness to child abuse.  Lori Cope, the director of CASA (the Court Appointed Advocates) of Hunt County asks that you send photos of yourself in blue to the CASA Facebook page.  CASA advocated for 271 Hunt County children in foster care last year.

Community Seeds, Facebook

Bert Cooper, director of Community Seeds in Lone Oak, says the organization's incubator kitchen is finally ready for cooks to prepare food for commercial sale.  The kithcen provides the facilities for food to be prepared in compliance with the law.  Those interested by call 903-634-5673 or contact Community Seeds via its Facebook page.  Also, L-3 -Harris Technologies of Greenville has provided Community Seeds with a grant for a job training program known as the Strategic Empowerment and Emplo

Freshly mowed lawn,super-structure, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Wayne Bowman, Hunt County Master Gardener, advocates "scalping" your grass (cutting it very close) when you mow it early in the spring to eliminate dead growth.  He says be patient with plants that may have been damaged by the severe cold in February, becuase they may eventually grow back from the roots.  Wayne also provides advice on using mulch and compost in the garden.

Texas A&M-Commerce Athletics

Texas A&M-Commerce Athletic Director Tim McMurray discusses the 2021 Lion football schedule, which includes a game  at 6 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 11 vs.