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Commerce ISD, Facebook

Commerce ISD Superintendent Charlie Alderman says things went smoothly on the district's first day of schools since the coronavirus hit last March. For at least the first two weeks, students will use a "hybrid" schedule in which  they are divided in two groups, with each group attending classes two days per week and working online on  the other days.  Charlie says the students he saw were wearing their masks and maintaining social distancing on the first day.

A&M-Commerce Athletics

Tim McMurray, Texas A&M-Commerce athletic director, says fall sports teams -- including football -- will play a half schedule in the spring 2021 semester.  This follows the decision of the Lone Star Conferece to call off competition in football, volleyball and soccer in the fall 2020 season, at least partly because the NCAA Division II decided to have national championship playoffs in the fall sports.  Cross coun

City of Greenville, Facebook

Pud Kearns with Housewarmers of Greenville says a workshop on the city's new comprehensive plan will take place at 6 p.m. Thursday, August 13 at the Reecy Davis Recreation Center at 4320 Lee Street and is open to the public.  A display of the material will be on view from 2 to 8 p.m., and then will be on view at the W.

Sharon Feldt of Sulphur Springs, our books commentator, reviews the work of Commerce author Brian Dowsley, a retired U.S.


Dr. Kent Montgomery, head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Texas A&M-Commerce, relates plans for NASA's Perserverance rover, which will land on Mars on February 18 of next year and seek signs of microscopic life from the planet's ancient history. 

Bras for the Cause, Facebook

Pud Kearns of Housewarmers of Greenville, and one of the major leaders of Bras for the Cause, says the annual fund-raising event for Hunt Regional Healthcare will be virtual this year on Facebook Live, Thursday evening, October 8, because of the situation with the coronavirus.  A virtual kickoff event will also take place on Facebook Live at 7 p.m., Thursday night, August 20.

Hunt Regional Healthcare

Frances Dalbey, outreach specialist for Hunt Regional Healthcare, says individuals should not put off health screenings despite the inconveniences caused by the coronavirus pandemic.  Frances says Hunt Regional is able to provide all screenings in a safe manner.  Frances also discusses recent changes in the rules for visitors at the Hunt Regional Medical Center in Greenville.

Greenville Animal Hospital, Facebook

Dr. Karri McCreary, co-owner of the Greenville Animal Hospital, discusses strategies for helping your pet adjust when you return to work after being at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Radioactive, Facebook

Alice Reese, Herald-Banner movie critic, says "Radioactive," now available on Amazon Prime, is an engaging biography of Marie Curie, who, with her husband Pierre Curie, discovered the elements radium and polonium, and became the first woman to win the Nobel Prize and the only woman to win it twice.  Alice also reviews the romance/adventure "The Secret: Dare to Dream" starring Katie Holmes.  We also discuss the possibility of a

Sulphur Springs ISD, Facebook

Emily Glass, co-owner of the Venue at two-nineteen in downtown Sulphur Springs and former mayor of the city, says the Sulphur Springs school board has decided to delay the start of the school year until Tuesday, September 1 because of the coronavirus threat.  Emily also says the Sulphur Springs Senior Center is in need of new volunteers to keep the "Meal a Day" program going.

Commerce ISD

Commerce ISD Superintendent Charlie Alderman says the school board has decided to delay the start of the new school year one week, until Tuesday, August 11, and the schools will start with a "hybrid schedule" of two days in school and three days at home for at least the first two weeks.

Texas A&M-Commerce Athletics

Tim McMurray, Texas A&M-Commerce Athletic Director, discusses the decision of the Lone Star Conferece to delay the start of practices for fall sports until August 24 and games until September 21.  However, Tim says it is a very fluid situation and further changes could be announced, depending on what the NCAA decides to do about the schedule for the national playoffs. 

Texas A&M Agrilife

Dr. Karri McCreary, co-owner of the Greenville Animal Hospital, provides advice on taking care of pets in hot weather.  In particular, Dr. McCreary says if pavement is too hot for your feet, it's probably too hot for your dog's paws, unless the dog is very accustomed to being outside and on the pavement.  And she says brush your dog's fur in the summer, removing the loose winter undercoat, but don't closely trim them.  


Charlie Alderman, Commerce ISD superintendent, discusses the rules announced this week by the University Interscholastic League for fall sports and band.  Regular-season football at the 4A level and below will start as originally planned on August 28, but will be delayed several weeks at the 5A and 6A level.

Sirdle CC BY-SA 2.0 Creative Commons

Wyman Williams, Commerce mayor, says Atmos Energy, which provides natural gas to Commerce, will be "flaring" lines on West Live Oak Street near the Ben E.

Chevrolet, Facebook

Derek Price, author of the "Cargazing" column in the Herald-Banner and syndicated nationally, reflects on a list of 20 cars and trucks selling better this year in the coronavirus pandemic than last year, such as the Chevrolet Silverado.  Most auto sales have fallen drastically.  Derek, owner of Celebrate Media Group in Greenville, says he's seen the demand for live streaming vid

Greyhound, Facebook

Alice Reese, Herald-Banner movie critic, reviews  the new Tom Hanks movie "Greyhound," a World War II naval convoy story, which is new on Apple TV.  Alice says four more Hanks movies are scheduled to be released during the next year, “News of the World,” “Elvis” (in which Hanks plays Elvis Presley's manager Col. Tom Parker), “Bios” and Disney’s live action “Pinocchio.”

Cooper Lake State Park, Doctor's Creek Unit, Facebook

Steve Killian, superintendent of Cooper Lake State Park, says a fisherman recently. set a new rod-and-reelrecord for the lake by catching a 55.33 pound flathead catfish. Steve says fishing at the lake has been good in general lately.   Texas Parks and Wildlife warns that drownings are up 30% this year, and Steve offers tips on safe swimming.

Greenville Chamber of Commerce, Facebook

Byron Taylor, the president and CEO of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, says the chamber's Casino Night and Auction scheduled for Saturday, July 25 has been postponed until Saturday, October 3 because of the coronavirus resurgence.  The chamber's annual golf tournament Friday, September 11 at Webb Hill Country Club is still on for now, with sponsors and teams now signing up.

Carol Taylor

Carol Taylor, chairman of the Hunt County Historical Commission, relates the story of J.D. (Duke) Jernigan, Jr., grandson of Commerce co-founder William Jernigan, who received acclaim as a star aviator during the Great Depression.  He made a cross-country flight for Texaco towing a glider, and later became a top executive with the company. An historical designation is being sough for the home of Duke Jernigan's family on Bonham Street in Commerce.


Kim Saenz, director of the Hunt Regional Emergency Centers in Commerce and Quinlan, says they're providing coronavirus testing to people who turn up at the emegency centers, although there are places in Hunt County better suited to provide testing for people without symptoms, such as the office of their personal physician or minor-care or urgent-care facilities.

MRC, Texas A&M-Commerce

Dan Semprini, coordinator of fitness and well being at the Morris Recreation Center at Texas A&M-Commerce, says the MRC is open again for individuals who want to exercise.  But Dan says there are many ways to stay fit at home and on your own.  The MRC offers a number of virtual exercise classes at Active Anywhere.

Texas A&M Agrilife

Sarah Latham, Rains County Agrilife Extension Agent, discusses a recent chart produced by the Texas Medical Association, and shared on the Rains County Agrilife Facebook page, that shows the relative probability of catching the coronavirus from various activities.  Sarah also comments on a perennial summer problem in Texas, avoiding ticks.

Carol Taylor

Carol Taylor, chairman of the Hunt County Historical Commission, relates the story of Lt. Truett Majors, the U.S. Army Air Corps pilot who died on Dec. 8, 1941 in the Japanese attack on the Phillippines, and for whom Greenville's Majors Field Airport is named.

Sharon Feldt of Sulphur Springs, our books commentator, says Northeast Texas native Reavis Wortham's latest novel featuring the Texas Ranger Sonny Hawke, "Hawke's Fury," maintains the humor and action of the previous Hawke books.  Wortham is from Paris.  Sharon also reviews two books by East Texas author Maryann Miller,

Dr. Kent Montgomery, head of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at A&M-Commerce, reflects on recent stories about the U.S.

"Marqee" katlupe Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Alice Reese, Herald-Banner movie reviewer, says the Majestic 12 movie theater in Greenville has reopened along with Cinemax theaters in Dallas.  Alice discusses the top streaming movies, including the no. 1 movie, "Bad Boys for Life."

Park Street 4th of July Parade, Facebook

Pud Kearns with Housewarmers of Greenville says although the city of Greenville's Fourth of July fireworks show has been postponed (possibly to Labor Day or Veterans' Day, Pud says) and the Park Steet Fourth of July parade has been cancelled, some other activities will take place.  Pud explains how the Firecracker 5K will continue for solo runners, who will have several days to complete the run.  And the