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Luke writes a weekly outdoors column for over 30 Texas newspapers and is Hunting Editor for Airgun Hobbyist Magazine, Field Editor for the Dallas Safari Club and feature writer for several outdoor magazines. Luke is on the pro staff of Darton Archery, Airforce Airguns, Smokin Tex Electric Smokers and In Sights Nutrition. Luke also just released his second book, Kill to Grill which is devoted to hunting and cooking wild hogs! To best keep up with Luke's outdoor activities, visit his web site

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Lake Tawakoni catfish guide David Hanson
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke gives a very 'close to home' blue catfish update for Lake Tawakoni guide David Hanson. Tune in to learn the best techniques for catching lots of good size "eater" fish for the next fish fry. Luke and David even time to give a local deer hunting report.

Guide Mike Houston
Luke Clayton

Luke's guest this week is guide Mike Houston who targets blue catfish on Lakes Whitney and Aquilla. Many fishermen are well aware of the awesome catfishing at Whitney but for many, Lake Aquilla is a 'sleeper' lake. Tune in today's show and learn why this catfish pro considers Aquilla his favorite big fish hotspot. To connect with Guide Mike Houston on Facebook, "like" HOUSTON GUIDE SERVICE or call 817-487-7121.

Camp Cookin'

Sep 21, 2018
Luke talks outdoor cooking this week
Luke Clayton

In another life, Luke was a food writer for a major Texas newspaper. Part of his job was to visit restaurants that served game and fish. Certainly no chef, Luke does consider himself a pretty fair camp cook. This week, he shares a method of stir fry in which he uses game meat such as venison wild pork or quail or pheasant. Luke describes his method of preparing his stir fry at home or mid day BEFORE the afternoon hunt. I't not complicated but very tasty. Click and listen!

Luke's guest this week is Larry Weishuhn, Mr. Whitetail. Join Larry and Luke "around the campfire" this week. These two old friends will make you feel as though you were right there with them.

Luke visits with his friend Larry Weishuhn this week and discusses everything from determining the accurate weight of wild hogs in the field where scales are not available to the upcoming opener of whitetail deer season. To learn more about Luke, check out his website

Texas Dove Hunters Association logo
Texas Dove Hunters Association

This week, Luke visits with Bob Thornton with the Texas Dove Hunters Association ( and discusses everything dove. This awesome origination has done a great deal to further the conservation of dove and dove hunting. If you are a dove hunter, don't miss this one.  

Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with Lake Tawakoni striper guide Trent Miller with Stripaholic Guide Service (903-530-1710). Tune in and learn some of the veteran guides fish catching tricks. 

Luke Clayton, Texas Trophy Catfish Association

Join Luke this week as he visits with Bradley Doyle and discusses an awesome association devoted to tracking and preserving trophy class catfish. TEXAS TROPHY CATFISH ASSOCIATION supplies training and tags to members so that trophy class catfish may be tagged and tracked in upcoming years. This association gives  the average angler an opportunity to be part of a program devoted to insuring our children and grandchildren can experience the thrill of catching a giant catfish.

Luke with a Walleye
Luke Clayton

In today's show, Luke visits one-on-one with us and discusses all sorts of outdoor subjects with everything from upcoming outdoor events to some tips on dove hunts and the upcoming archery whitetail season. There is also a bit of fishing talk mixed in for good measure. For more outdoor news from Luke, visit his website at

Jerry Hancock of Hancock's Guide Service
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with crappie pro/guide Jerry Hancock. Jerry has guided for years and specializes in catching crappie at lakes Lavon and Fork. Jerry is on the pro staff of Mr. Crappie (

This week, Luke visits with Katie Birk who's in charge of the Ben Wheeler Feral Hog Festival coming up in October.  Luke and his team BOARDACIOUS will be competing at the cooking competition, preparing BBQ wild pork, beans and wild pork chili. This is a fun event that Luke has attended the past couple of years. Mark your calendar and come out and have some fun this October!

Glenn Guess (the Hog Zombie) and his wife Michelle
Luke Clayton

Glenn Guess, the Hog Zombie is my guest again this week. Glenn is an expert in calling wild hogs within rifle or bow range and in today's show divulges more of his techniques.

Luke talks fishing with Larry Large this week
Luke Clayton; Larry Large

Luke's guest this week is Lake Fork fishing guide Larry Large. Large has guided on Fork for almost 3 decades and in today's show, he divulges some tips on night fishing. 

Guide Billy Carter (shown with a fresh yellow bass catch) joins Luke this week to talk hunting & fishing on Lake Caddo.
Luke Clayton

This week's show is a visit with Lake Caddo guide Billy Carter (, talking everything Caddo. 

Glenn Guess (the Hog Zombie) and his wife Michelle
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with Glen Guess, THE HOG ZOMBIE and discusses calling wild hogs within rifle or bow range. Glenn develops and records specific sounds that bring the porkers in on the run. While nothing is fool proof and works every time in the outdoors, Glenn has proven that calling hogs using his app and THE BULLET, an electric caller by Convergence Hunting Systems, is a tool every hog hunters should have in his or her arsenal.  Check out the THE HOG ZOMBIES videos on YouTube or "Like" them on Facebook.

Luke with a 40 inch pike
Luke Clayton

Luke just returned from a 5 day fishing trip at Iskwatikan Lake Lodge (  up in northern Saskatchewan, Canada where he landed this 40 inch Northern Pike and many other pike and walleye.

Fishing Guide Seth Vanover showing off a catch.
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with fishing guru Seth Vanover ( and discusses summer patterns for catching crappie.

Luke, Stubby, and crew showing off their catch for the day
Luke Clayton

Lake Fork- Round up a foursome of still very active old guys, all a few months away from their 68th birthday and chances are pretty good they have some “stories”. After all, there is just under 300 combined years of living amongst this group, plenty of time to amass untold life experiences, many of which are just down right funny! Put this aforementioned foursome together in a catfishing boat for several hours with steady action on channel catfish and chances are also good many of these “stories” will come to light!

Junior Angler Lake Tawakoni Record: Noah Brown (caught with Striperaholic Guide Service)
Trent Miller, Striperaholic Guide Service

This week, Luke visits with Lake Tawakoni striper guide Trent Miller of Striperholic Guide Serice (903-530-1710) and learns some of the guides techniques for boating big stripers and hybrid stripers.  Shad are currently stacking up around lower and mid lake humps and a mixture stripers, hybrids and white bass are going on a feeding frenzy.

Luke Clayton with wild hog he took with his .45 caliber Airforce Airguns Texan shooting a 350 grain Hunters Supply bullet.
Luke Clayton

Join Luke this week as he hits the trail on a hog hunt with Jeff Rice and other members of the Rice family.

Brandon Wilner of
Luke Clayton

Brandon Willner with U FISH TEXAS ( is Luke's guest this week. Brandon's company offers pond management and pond reclamation as well as fish stocking. On weekends, WIllner's private ponds near Caddo Mills provide some excellent fishing for channel catfish and he welcomes customers between 8 am and 8 pm both Saturdays and Sunday's. For more information, call 903-883-3976.

Big stripers are biting at Lake Texoma. This bruiser was landed last week.
Striper Express

This week, Luke travels up north to Lake Texoma to visit with his longtime friend Bill Carey with Striper Express (  Bill and his team of guides have been fishing this awesome striper fishery for over 30 years.

Luke's night hunting gear
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke discusses the advancements in night hunting gear. A lifelong hunter, Luke talks about the days when he and buddies hooked DC light bulbs to car batteries wired in series and waited for hogs to show up. Night hunting has come a long way. Luke's buddy, the late Bob Hood might have been the first to use colored lenses on flashlights for hunting at night. Hood and a buddy taped red cellophane over their flashlights and learned that animals didn't spook nearly as easily as the did when a normal "white light" flashlight beam was used.

Travis Benes, manager of the Choctaw Hunting Lodge ( setting up to call wild turkeys.
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with his friend Travis Benes, manager of The Choctaw Hunting Lodge ( in Southeastern Oklahoma and discusses a recent hunt Eastern wild turkey.  Luke has hunted Rio Grande turkeys for many years in Texas  but his experience with  Eastern

Luke with Chuck Roy of the Community Chronicle
Luke Clayton

Luke's guest this week is Mr. Chuck Roy, editor of the Community Chronicle, a newspaper dedicated to the folks of northeast Texas.  Don't expect the Chronicle to cover news on a global basis, there is plenty of news agencies that do just that and do it almost instantly, minutes after the news event occurs. DO expect the Chronicle to be chock full of interesting article that are relevant to those of us here in the region in which we live.

Jeff Rice packing a "Jake" turkey gobbler out of the woods at Ranger Creek Ranch
Luke Clayton

Luke and his buddy Jeff Rice braved 40 mph. winds and an afternoon temperature of 98 degrees earlier this week to hunt turkeys at Ranger Creek Ranch, up in Knox County. Conditions could not have been worse for turkey hunting but they still managed to shoot a Jake gobbler.

This week, Luke walks us through the process of making smoked wild turkey, sausage and ham gumbo. Turkey season is off to a great start with excellent numbers of turkeys well dispersed across Texas and Oklahoma.
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke walks us through the process of making smoked wild turkey, sausage and ham gumbo. Turkey season is off to a great start with excellent numbers of turkeys well dispersed across Texas and Oklahoma. 

This is Luke's rig for hunting hogs at night (details in main post)
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke is solo and discusses everything from sighting in his new digital scope to catching catfish. 

Yantis Catfish Classic will be May 5th & 6th
Luke Clayton

This week, Luke visits with Yantis Mayor Jerry Miller and discusses the upcoming Yantis Catfish Classic May 5-6 at Lake Fork. The event will headquarter at the Minnow Bucket Marina. On Saturday afternoon/evening of the tournament, there will be a parade in downtown Yantis followed by a big Texas BBQ with brisket and all the trimmings and live music at the School Cafeteria. Money raised will benefit the Yantis Volunteer Fire Department.

Fish Fry!
Luke Clayton

Guide Seth Vanover says the shallow water crappie bite is ON at Lake Fork. In today's show, Seth gives some tips that will help you collect the "makings" of your own cook out!  

Luke makes bratwurst this week
Luke Clayton

This past week, Luke cranked out 25 pounds of bratwurst sausage. In today's show, Luke will walk you through the process of making bratwurst at home, step by step. Rather than buy bulk sausage seasonings, Luke much prefers using a "Kit" that contains the seasonings and casings.